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 Undisciplinary festival (v2) 27-30 nov. @Netherlands

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Date d'inscription : 30/08/2009

MessageSujet: Undisciplinary festival (v2) 27-30 nov. @Netherlands   Jeu 19 Nov - 16:26

Hello folks!
Et c'est reparti! nouvelle version du festival indisciplinaire! cette fois aux Pays-Bas!

Muzikmekanikcirkus & Toztizok Zounds presents :

From 26th to 29th November 2009

**** The Undisciplinary Festival in Netherlands !****

Musikmekanikcirkus is a gathering of different people from cinema, visual arts, music and hardware/software hackers from the underground of Paris and beyond. For the second edition they have joined forces with the experimental electronics label Toztizok Zoundz from Amsterdam to bring you a series of concerts and workshops on do it yourself electronic music, cinema, open source software, and hacking. The aim is to cross generations and genres, step across the borders, to experiment with this interval between styles, disciplines, or simply thoughts. With this idea of sharing and meeting people, the exchange with the audience and the local scene will create a real network beyond the Internet. In this festival there is no hierarchy, it can take place either in a squat or in art center, promoting equally popular or savant knowledge, both insisting on re-appropriation and emancipation of the audience in different ways such as lettrist's theories like creatism, the do it yourself and chaotic theories of Reeds Ghazala (the circuit bending godfather), hacking, collage, sampling or mashup. As intellectual as kinky and fun, this event wants to break the rules, so come and play our game!

** 26: Occii, Amsterdam. concerts. **

- Computer Truck vs Peter Quistgard
- Tep
- Sgure
- Sinead O'Connick Jnr.

- visuals by Giovanni Martedi

** 27: LOOS, The Hague. workshop + small concert with the workshop participants + Cinema **

- Computer Truck
- Peter Quistgard
- TMPLab performance
- Sgure
- Fedde Ten Berge
- Chdh
- Synchronator(Gert Jan Prins & Bas Van Koolwijk)

-Giovanni Martedi
-François Sarhan

** 28: Gifgrond, Tilburg, concerts. **

- Computer Truck vs Peter Quistgard
- Tep
- Chdh
- Sinead O'Connick Jnr.
- visuals by Giovanni Martedi

** 29: Occii workshop + small concert with the workshop participants + Cinema **

- Computer Truck
- Gijs Gieskes
- TMPLab performance
- Peter Quistgard
- Giovanni Martedi
- François Sarhan
- Maurice Lemaître

**** Bios ****

** Computer truck : French master of circuit- bending (an art consisting in making short-circuit , customize electronic toys, to create new amazing sounds from a well known source), coming from both the cheap electronic and the punk scene, Julien Daigremont can use any toys or sounds to rock you, defending the DIY (do it yourself) approach.

** Peter Quistgard : Luc van Weelden is active in the Toztizok Zounds endeavour and mad scientist in electronics, from Amsterdam sound research laboratories ; rather generate silence amplitude/normalise and do some hard limiting, than just pan and expand. Destructive approach waveform editing!!!

** Synchronator (Gert Jan Prins & Bas Van Koolwijk):
SYNCHRONATOR is a video and audio research project in an attempt to use a combination of current digital and analogue means in order to make more use of the characteristic visual qualities of such techniques.
Prins has created an electronic system with circuits from radio, TV and transmitter techniques, which produces feedback sounds and TV signals. He regularly co-operates with E-RAX, The Flirts with Cor Fuhler, and MIMEO.
The video of Van Koolwijk can be seen as an aggressive attack on the illusion of video itself. Through a rigourous and formalistic approach, Van Koolwijk exposes the face of the machine which lives behind the often-placating veil of the televised image.

** Gijs Gieskes : is an artist and musician who works with circuit-bending and old-school computer graphics. Re-appropriating tools for new purposes, making inventive hardware projects, such as his Feedback video log, Strobo VJ machine or PCB hand painted circuit board, is what Gijs Gieskes enjoys most.
Artists and makers are re-inventing the design and function of ubiquitous consumer electronics devices by creating hybrid systems and artifacts with extended uses.
Educated as an industrial designer, he now casts Gameboy Bricks in concrete to build a garden path or a spinning photoelectronic acid machine. Gieskes’ work and live performances are a fantastic example of where hardware hacking can take you.

** Alexandre K. & Urse de la J. (Tmplab) - "Squealing Piece": Parts of the French hackers crew who creates the Hacker Space Festival in Paris, Alexandre Korber & Stephanie Richard organise regularly workshop and meeting around the technology problematic and its understanding, its reappropriation. Their new project is an auto-replicant machine, a 3D printer that they use for workshops as well as for the live performance, blended with also do it yourself electronics (homemade hardware sound device).

** Chdh (Cyrille Henry & Nicolas Montgermont) is a live hybrid performance, offering a symbiosis between sound and image, where they complete each other until indivisibility. chdh creates a single universe, cold but organic, between visual arts and electronic music. Cubes, rectangles and others minimal geometric shapes become entangled in complex structures in a black and white
environment with simples and precises sounds.
This project evokes a virtual world, composed of more or less autono- mous abstract creatures. The behavior of these audiovisual instruments is influenced in real time by two performers who make them live and re-act. These virtuals objects then generate data used for audio and video synthesis. Nothing is pre-recorded.

** Sinead O’Connick Jnr. : Schizophrenic, eclectic, electronic, plunderphonic, supersonic member of Musikmekanikcirkus crew, his performances are unpredictable, mixing all kinds of music, recycling popular culture with humour and critic.

** TEP : Member of the famous netlabel Bedroom Research, this eletronic funny freak from the north of France creates a melting pot of glitchy sounds, jazzy carnival melody and cool breaks, making a really interesting live performance featuring instruments, singing and shouting

** Sgure : One of the gayets man on earth! But also an incredible performer, in his improvised live show he covers a wide rannge of genres, mashing noise, metal, electro acoustic, breakcore, in a fun and original way.

** François Sarhan : Talented composer who, after touring with the contemporary artist William Kentridge, makes animation films in the same vein of his musical works, funny, surrealist and beautiful. He will show his brand new films and make a workshop on “do it yourself animation”

** Giovanni Martedi: Born in 1935, he is a pioneer for years of "expanded cinema", which far from being a movement brings together artists of experimental cinema. They have in common working beyond their medium, and their usual constraints (projector, screen, the audience caught between the two). Martedi brings to the film a “do it yourself” and handmade approach, producing films without a budget even without a camera, or without film.
Working at the edge of performance and installation; he will make a happening, Footage 2 : “After Footage at the first festival in Groix island, I wanted to retry the experience of walking and printing the tread on a 16mm film, but this time they’re will be no color paintings on the sole, as a tribute to Pierre Soulage work, it will be with black painting only.”

** And the last but not least a master piece of experimental cinema, still as modern : Has the film already started yet? (1951) by Maurice Lemaitre (born 1926) for the first time in its translated DVD version. The filmmaker is also a painter, a writer, and one of the earliest sound poet joining Isidore Isou’s group, the lettrism which descend from dada, surrealism and leads to situationism with Guy Debord’s theories.
Lemaître helped Isou for the first lettrist movie “Venom and Eternity”(1950) and just after made his own first film. A movie that in the early 50’s contains a subversive, quite anarchist, performance concept, a story, and even some jokes! As a lettrist film, the sound is independent of the image, creating various level of understanding.


**Mail : indisciplinaire@gmail.com
**Workshop submission : undisciplinaryworkshop@gmail...com

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Undisciplinary festival (v2) 27-30 nov. @Netherlands
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